Monday, February 20, 2012

Coloring books

When I was 20, I took up coloring in coloring books again.  A big box of crayons, all to myself, and a coloring book on the living room floor was very relaxing.  I did for the same reason I liked trashy romance novels better while I was a student- it helps me escape.

Helping my son color his science fair project a week ago, I remembered how much coloring is like meditation for me.  One color, softly and evenly applied to an area, can drown out aches and pains and frustrations temporarily.  It requires just enough focus to keep my mind reasonably occupied, but it requires no special skills or difficult judgments.  The pointlessness of coloring is liberating.  I feel the same way about simple crochet projects- a certain number of the same stitch or sequence or stitches, turn and repeat.  It also leaves me with a tangible reminder of the time spent relaxing.

So, I'm off to Amazon's website to look for some grown up coloring books.  Mandalas or Celtic knots or fairies, just something pretty and complex to concentrate on during those moments when I need some peace, but when quiet cannot be found.

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