Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday boy

My son turn 9 today.  It's amazing how fast time seems to move when kids are involved.

He's reaching the age where you can really start to see who he will be both mentally and physically.  His once elfin nose has begun to lengthen into mine.  His eyes are his dad's and when he laughs hard, he crinkles his eyes exactly how my mom does.  The strong jaw and cleft chin are reminiscent of my brother, Zach. Long, straight fingers are inherited from his dad, and a desire to travel most definitely is fed by his great-grandmother.

Gavin's passion for old, exotic, and expensive cars is a result of his daddy's job, and he likes to figure how things work in an often funny homage to Daddy.  His interest in people is fostered by me.  There are some parts of him though, that he has created all himself.  Taking a walk is one of the best things in the world for him.  Hugs that nearly knock me over are his primary way of showing affection, and he wants to remake the world.  School is both wonderful and terrible to him, and he likes to garden and cook.  He's never met a baby he didn't  want to hold, and he is a shameless flirt. His little brother is his best friend, nemesis and comic foil.

My little boy is growing up, and it's hard at times, when the day-to-day interactions get in the way, to remember that he is really amazing.  Like all people, he is fascinating, frustrating, full of contradictions, intelligent and still a work in progress.  Each year that passes, brings him closer to completion, and each year, he teaches me new lessons about him, the world and myself.  I'm sure this year will be no different.

Happy Birthday, baby.

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  1. It is also amazing to see the man they become, and in my case, the amazing father that he is, considering that his own father left before he was two years old.


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