Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sleeping babies and other sources of magic

Holding my niece-let (my friend's daughter who will know my as Tia Mandy) on Christmas Eve, she fell asleep in my arms.  It was the prefect reminder of what I love about babies, children and motherhood, and it brought me a great deal of peace.

In the day to day stress of being a mother, I often forget about the magical and special delights that come with the responsibilities.  Holding a warm, snuggling, sleeping child who is perfectly relaxed and trusting against your heart is one of those.  The warm scent of clean baby hair against your nose is another.  A few days after this moment, my four year old son started to feel bad.  At night, he slept between my husband and I in our bed and pressed his feverish face against my neck, looking for comfort.  When I shifted him slightly, so that he was at a less awkward angle, he opened glassy eyes in the dark and smiled at me.  Before he drifted off, he whispered, "Mommy".  Again, I remembered why this role is so important to me.  Another reminder came from my 8 year old son the next day, he sat patiently and listened while I read his some poetry.  His eyes lit up with interest.  The very next day, he searched through the book of poems to find one to read to me, and I nearly cried at the sweetness.

Days have passed since these magical moments, but the reminder lingers.  Magic can be found everywhere, but in children most of all.  Simple pleasures and powerful magics are delivered regularly to parents, but it is so easy to forget them with all of the daily tasks that need completed.  I hope you all get the opportunity to feel a bit of this magic that children spread.


  1. Those moments are wonder. Last week my littlest woke up a few different nights because of teething. The only way I could get her to sleep was holding her and rocking her. Its been a year since she was young enough that falling asleep in my arms was the norm. It made me smile to look down on her sleeping face.

    Also in the last week I was a bit depressed one day. My oldest climbed into my lap,gave me a big high and a kiss and said, "Mommy I need you and you need me." It still makes me want to cry how sweet it was.

    Those moments truly are magical.

  2. Those moments are why I feel so blessed having my kids. When they climb on my lap just for a snuggle, when I am the first person they need tell all there dreams and fun stuff at school, when for no reason my youngest Kaori who's five runs up to me kisses me and say "love you mom" and runs back to keep Thank you for this post it was such a nice reminder of all those sweet, magical moments.


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