Monday, January 23, 2012

Move update

Saturday found us beginning our move.  The weather forecast called for rain, but we had several hours of blue skies.  We also had an unexpected, but wonderful surprise.  Jen, a good friend of ours had volunteered to help us move, but she showed up Saturday with her husband (the only person who doesn't complain about the size and weight of my book collection, because his bigger and heavier), eight year old daughter (who spent most of the day entertaining our 4 year old), adult step daughter (who brought muffins on top of everything),the step daughter's fiancee (he is a total sweetheart) and another pick up truck to help (with another pick up truck and a construction worker's strength).  Another friend came later in the day and nearly all of the heavy stuff that I can't help my husband with got moved on Saturday.  Sunday, we spent the day trying to put things away and get the kids ready for the week.

Thank you to everyone who wished us well, hoped for clear skies for us or showed up to actually move things.  It makes me feel so blessed and grateful.

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