Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fitness Challenge update

Little Miss Muffet. Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet /
And boy what a big tuffet she had! 
If you're feeling insecure, just sit next to her
And then you won't feel quite so bad. Thank you
-Dot from Animaniacs

I'm a little late with getting into gear for the 2012 Witchy Fitness Challenge.  My only defense is a sick kid.  Isnce getting out to walk is out of the question until his pneumonia is cleared up, I'm focusing on researching a few new ways to get moving and some healthy, fast recipes.  One of Pinterest boards is full of inspiration to get moving, and when I'm feeling lazy, I peek and remind myself that I need to move (you can look me up under my actual name, Mandy Wells).

I'm also weaning myself back off the caffeine and back into drinking water.  What can I say, I'm weak in the face of Diet Pepsi.  I've found a new tea to drink in the evenings (when I start gravitating to the soda)- it's Mountain Rose Herbs' Fairy Tale blend that I add rose petals to.  It's so cheerful to look and smells nice!

We'll be moving in 2 weeks (finally) and the new aprtment is on the ground floor, so I might actually exercise without the fear that the neighbors will complain about the noise.  It also has a little garden space, so I can burn some calories digging under the beds and planting.

Hopefully, my the end of next week, I'll walking again in the mornings and maybe be trying a new Wii game.  Hope everybody else is excited and full of energy.  

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