Friday, December 16, 2011


I confess to being a bit shy of the word "worship".  It implies a subservience and vulnerability that I do not feel in regards to the Divine.  The Divine personalities and me do not operate on the same level- their existence expands in all directions beyond mine.  I believe them to be parts of the whole of existence, just as I am.  I never presume to think they owe me anything and I am not afraid to talk to them about anything.

My relationship with the Divine is less formal than some Pagans I know.  I don't feel bound to ritual (I used to do them frequently, but these days, I don't seem to need the structure) and I feel their presence in many ways.  I ask them for help sometimes, and sometimes, I get an answer.  They have never asked more than I can give, but on a few occasions I had to dig pretty deep to meet the challenge.  There are times when they ask me to some task: pay attention to something, help someone, write about a topic, expend some energy. Our relationship is not one sided or one dimensional.  It is a growing, breathing thing that is constantly changing.  The Gods and Goddesses (the Divine) teach me, inspire me, and watch over me.  They do not do for me.  If I ask their help with a situation, I am already ready to put in a considerable amount of work to get where I want to be.  Their help, at times, in little more than a gentle sense of reassurance as I struggle.  Other times, it is an obstacle cleared from my path.

My relationship with the Gods is complex.  I am the student that is being shaped.  I am the child being raised.  I am the clay being molded.  I am not a servant or a slave, who is capriciously bound to their will.  They do not exist to fulfill my every desire.  They are not absolute and unchanging- they are a reflection of an eternity of experiences and situations.  They change as we do, but they are not us.  In times past they may have asked humankind for a different sort of relationship, but now, they ask us to follow our own hearts.  Worship if you are called to it, but don't be afraid or demanding or completely subservient.

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  1. I have always said "Worship" but to me it always was a word used to show respect to the Divine. Even when I was a Catholic I was extremely informal when talking to God, and now a Pagan for 15yrs that has not changed I spk to God/Goddess as if they are family or close friends. I find your connection to the Divine a natural and honest expression..Worship or not..the Divine is family to me.


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