Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Storytellers and their stories-Part IV

The Grave Digger's Evening

My husband used to love to tease me about coming from "circus folk".  Yes, my great grandfather was a tight rope walker for a bit, but she spent most of his life cutting lumber, so it's a big exaggeration.  Couple with some other family anecdotes, including the one about my great grandmother's baptism, my husband laughs and says we're just weird people, and that he is perfectly normal.  My response to him is always- "Normal is just plain weird, "cause nobody's normal", or some variation.

One New Year's my husband was teasing me and his grandmother, who I will tell you is very proper, upper class, educated and sometimes stiff, heard the conversation.  I'd don't know why she decided to get involved, but it certainly turned the table on my husband, and it uncovered a sense of humor that was drier than expected and just a tiny bit mean. She told this story with a smile on her face, much to my husband's chagrin.

"Your great-grandfather, Millie's father, (my late father-in-law's maternal grandfather) was gravedigger.  He used to come home in the evening and put on a three piece suit to relax.  I always thought that was strange."

My husband still teases me about being circus folk, but most of our friends and family agree that the gravedigger and his suit is much stranger than a tight rope walker who became a lumberjack.  It's also a good reminder about stones and glass houses.  It's funny what stories people keep in their heads.

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