Thursday, December 15, 2011

A retrospective look at this year's projects

Sometimes, I have to pull away from writing and create something that I can touch.  Lately, I've been painting, drawing and crocheting quite a bit; it's make me feel good.  I thought I'd share some of this year's projects.  Some of these were created as gifts.  Most are just for me.  A couple are available on etsy.  This isn't an exhaustive list of what I've been up to, but it's nice to look back and say "Hey, I actually completed some projects this year".  Enjoy!

Guardian Angel holding the ball of Goodness

 I'm not into angels, but I thought I would make one anyhow.  It'll be going on etsy soon.  My eight year old decided that she was holding a ball of goodness to give to children.  Note to self- cheap canvas is often cheap for a reason.

Faery Godmother

I like this one.  I wish I'd done the wings a little different, but she's part of my Faery Godparent Project.  This one is on etsy for sale.  The glowing heart was fun to do.


I painted this on New Years Day 2011.  I had found an unused canvas in a closet and painted while the family watched a movie.  I find this to a be a good symbol of me.

I spent $0 on this year's Halloween costumes, and everybody was happy.  The little guy wanted to be a kitty, so I crocheted him ears and tacked them onto a hat.  He also had a crocheted tail tied on like a belt.  I dressed as myself.

The ever-changing cork board

 This board has been re-purposed and repainted a few times.  This was fun, and got rid of the ghost radishes that kept coming through the paint.

A friend on Temple Illuminatus sent me this poem and I liked it so much I put it over this painting.  I like the idea of magic in the kitchen. When I finally get moved, It will hang in the kitchen.

Cauldron of Transformation

I'm obsessed with cauldrons right now.  I often fixate on a image.  This was the first version of the painting above, until it ended badly.  I sanded and painted over it to create this one. The blue and violet flames were inspired by one of Karen Pallas' blog posts.

Yule wreath

This is my Winter Solstice pentacle wreath.  The instructions are on the Cauldron Keeper's Spell Book blog, if you want to know I how I did it.  Nothing is glued in place, so it gets rearranged each year, which is fun.

May Pole

I made miniature May Pole this year (apartments aren't a great place for full size ones).  The only difficult part was getting my husband to drill the base for me.  Directions are also on CKSB (check April 2011).

The Pregnant Moon

This is the painting from Hades.  It looks okay, but I was tearing my hair out trying to complete it.  The background was supposed to be blue, the woman a blonde, the moon was not originally going to be glittered (it hides a big oopsie) and three started as grass.  I wanted one thing and the painting decided it wanted to be something else.


  1. Fantastic collection. I should sit down and list what I have done (as opposed to what I have not); it seems very positive and healing. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Kat! It feels way better to look at what I've done rather than what I didn't manage to do. I'd love to take credit for the idea, but I decided to try this after receiving a "Here's what we did together" email from an activist organization I belong to, and it felt great to look at all the things that went right.


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