Monday, December 5, 2011

On my soap box again

"You can crush the flowers, but you can't stop the spring."  -Alexander Dubchek 1968

Change at the societal level is never easy, but it is often necessary.  I support the Occupy movement which seeks to re-balance power in the world by airing the multitude of grievances people have against the currently established system.  There is no reason and no excuse, save global famine and plague to allow millions of people to die each year from starvation (and it's related ills) and treatable disease.  There is no reason to prevent people from nonviolently sharing their worldview.  Discrimination, harassment and violence against people because of their ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, socio-economic position, religion or political view is not right.  Rewarding the few, the powerful and privileged, at the expense of everyone (especially the politically disenfranchised, like children and the ill) else is wrong.  The time has come to stand up and demand that we all be treated equally.

Fear and violence damage all of us in subtle, but very real, ways.  I cannot, in good conscience, stand by and ignore injustice and suffering around the world. It is my belief that humankind cannot move forward until we address the past and current ills of society and make good faith efforts to create a better world.  

For me, "Harm None" goes one step further to "Help Who You Can".  If you're fed up with the state of the world, stand up, and add you voice to those already protesting.  Sign petitions, write letters, educate yourself about what's really going on in the world, try looking at things through someone else's eyes.  

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  1. Not helping someone if you could is, in some cultures, actually considered harming them. ^^


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