Friday, December 2, 2011

Mommy's little balancer

We broke down the other day and took the kids to San Ramon to the McD's with an indoor play area.  Usually, at a place like that, my children are the loudest ones there; this time, they were the quietest (not that they were being quiet in any way shape or form, just the other group kids there were much louder).  A funny thing happened while we were there.

The other group of kids, who all obviously knew each other and spanned from about 3 years old to 12, were running around everywhere.  The big kids (4 of them) decided to gang up on the little ones (2).  The big kids were sitting on the outside of the tube slide waiting to scare and grab the little ones as they came down. he little ones got distracted and stayed up top.  The big kids started yelling "Are you coming down the green slide?"  My four year old son, without missing a beat and with a perfectly straight face, told them that the little kids were about to slide down the red slide.  The big kids ran off to set their trap and the little kids slid down the green slide without getting grabbed.

My younger son always stands up for himself and has a funny, innate sense of justice (or revenge, the lines blur their sometimes). What's more amazing to me, is that he was bothered enough about someone's behavior to do something about it.  It might have been a small thing, but it was sweet.  I hope he always keeps that fire for fairness in his heart.


  1. That's is so wonderful! I luv that he stood up for them even in this small shows a very independant spirit. I like this kid he's got moxie ^_^

  2. I must say I was impressed and amused to watch this play out. The older kids were so annoyed, but my little guy, he just looked at with this "I dare you to do something about it" look on his face, before he walked off. Kids constantly amaze me.

  3. That is awesome!! Great kid. You should be proud :)


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