Thursday, December 29, 2011

Curiosity and the cat

I really should find a way to rein in my curiosity, but for now, I'm going to share a selection of my most burning questions.

What was the woman in the red bathrobe looking for in her neighbor's trash can?
How do cities come up with street names?
Why do my children refuse to sleep at night?
What is the volume of a shitload in cubic feet?
Do the winter joggers realize they look like running fluff balls (not that I'm complaining, because it amuses me, a lot)?
Why do little boys think that stinkiness is funny?
Why does a baker's dozen contain 13?
How come kids stop doing cute things when the camera turns on?
Do you think people learned which plants were edible by trial and error or by observing what the animals ate?


  1. @Street names: Don'T know, but some planenrs do have a sense of humor - our are (tree-named streets) is next to an area with philosopher-named streets, and the street right inbetween was named "MANDELBAUM street". ^^

    @Funny stinkiness: Look at the faces people make when something stinks.

    @Baker's dozen:


  2. Hmmm..good questions. I can't answer them all, but a bakers dozen is called that because in medival England bakers would give an extra loaf of bread or whatever so not to be accused of selling short weight. Also ur kids refuse to sleep because your just to much fun ;)
    I have to ponder your other questions, but I always wondered "Why when people see a empty roll of toilet paper the first response is to ignore it until they are screaming, I NEED TOILET PAPER!, across the house?" LOL

  3. As to the joggers, I run at 5 a.m. so no one will SEE me looking like a polar bear in a terrorist mask.

  4. I love that you guys entertain my curiosity!

    Diandra- I'll have to get yout he list of street names near UNR. They are a riot.

    Delphi- I am the only potty sitter in the house, so I get to do most of the TP screams. LOL!

    Gaia, I am now imagining polar bears in terrorist masks running in the wee hours. Much funnier than my puff balls.



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