Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Are we done yet?

After so many days of celebration, I think I may be holidayed out.  This is exhausting!  One more to go and I can concentrate on move 1/2.  Yes, I will be moving twice this year.  Fun, right?  Ah well, c'est la vie.  In the mean time, I will be heading to Nevada for New Years and then back home to get the kids ready for school.

There is something comfortable and comforting about the non-holiday times of year.  When all we have to focus on is everyday life.  After this holiday season, I'm thinking some quiet, dull days sound lovely.  I actually think that what I miss most about the less celebratory times is the predictable rhythm.  We get up, do our tasks, come home, make dinner, and go to bed (which when edited this way sounds peaceful, instead of the actual chaos, but that's okay).  We have a structure and pattern to follow with very few surprises.

I guess what I'm getting at is that the everyday can be celebrated, too.  After the chaos and movement and excitement of the holidays, it's nice to go to back to a less dramatic time of year.  I might even get a chance to read a book or paint some more, and I 'll certainly have more time to write.


  1. All of life is patterned. I actually set my alarm today (45 minutes later, for me), got up and walked 2 miles before dawn. By the time I go back to school on the 2nd, I will be getting up at 4:40 to walk before classes (my students say I'm cranky without the endorphins--and they're right).

  2. I am right there with you! I am ready to be done with the holidays and ready to get on with normal day to day. I know moving can suck, but as I look at it..its a new canvas a new place to get started thats hasnt been dirtied up by the kids yet ;)

  3. I wouldn't mind skipping right to the middle of January, either. ^^


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