Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Fitness Challenge Update

Not feeling hungry is a double edged sword.  Most of the time, it keeps me from eating out of boredom or mindlessness (if I'm reading and eating I'm in trouble because I have no sense of when to stop).  It also means I eat very small meals.  On the down side, if I completely forget to eat, I get grouchy.  This week has been a weird one for eating.  I'm not really hungry and everything is bothering my stomach or causing heartburn.  I think it's an emotional thing as I don't feel sick.

My morning walks are getting a bit quicker in pace, because it's either foggy (and I start to get damp) or because it's cold.  Monday my walk was much longer in distance than usual because I was freezing my petunia off (my kids like to call their butts petunias, which is way nicer than some of the other things they call it).

My terrible health crime of the week? I haven't been drinking enough water (and boy does my skin look it).  Time to fill the BubbaKeg and carry it with me everywhere.

Anybody else feeling a bit behind this week?


  1. Drink lots of Water, A must for all.

  2. Don't worry, you doing wonderful.. also your still my Hero! ^_^

  3. Remembering to eat even if you are not hungry is important, mot of all because it keeps your blood sugar stable. If I forget to eat a tiny something (or to have a cup of tea with honey) within reasonable time after exercising, I actually get nauseous from low blood sugar. If you are not hungry, you coud just grab some fruit or veggies - no need to stuff yourself with something heavy if you're not hungry.


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