Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week 5 Fitness Challenge Update

Happy Saturday, my fellow fitness witches!  I hope you are all making progress and feeling confident.

This week has been really good on one hand and not so good on the other.  Holidays can mess up schedules and eating habits (especially holidays involving chocolate), but they can be great for perking up our energy levels and making us relax.  I'm really glad this fitness challenge will be going through the holiday season.   It's nice to have moral support.

I learned a valuable fitness lesson this week: thinking "I'm not hungry, I'll skip dinner tonight" leads to overeating at breakfast, and a stomachache.  Now, I know.  I've got to start eating a little something before I leave the house in the mornings; it should help me not overeat and not be a raving lunatic.  PMS has been giving weird cravings (normally I want salt and chocolate, this month, I'd kill for sushi) and bad cramps (which make me not want to eat at my regular times).  By next week, things should be more settled.

Exercise wise this has been a good week: Monday involved lots of walking, morning and evening.  Tuesday found me hiking and climbing all over a friend's new property for an hour.  Way to get in extra exercise while socializing!  Twenty packed boxes of books hasn't hurt my strength training, either.  I walked Thursday (twice), but I wimped out Friday morning- it was cold and the kids were whiny.  This weekend will be more packing and cleaning, so I'll get some good heart pumping exercise in.

Good luck and blessings to everyone!

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  1. It sounds like things are going lovely. Same here. I was very good with the exercising, but not so good on the candy eating department. I'm weak when it comes to chocolate, caramel and pretty much anything sweet. But it wasn't terrible.

    Yay, packing books!


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