Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update on the American Council of Witches

On October 13, 2011 I wrote about the reforming of the American Council of Witches.  I was not (and continue to be) uncomfortable with the little information I had.  I originally heard about the group from a Facebook post by Mrs. B (Confessions of a pagan Soccer Mom).  I expressed by discomfort there, but nobody else seemed worried, in fact the response I got was basically to have my opinion brushed off as paranoia (They have their right to an opinion different than mine).  C'est la vie, right?

I have listened with half an ear for more news.  Things like the Occupy movement, my personal life and Samhain/Halloween have occupied my time and attention, as you all know. I have always intended to revisit this issue, but I never expected the update to come to me by the same way I learned about it in the first place.

It appears that there are already problems within and without the Council.  Infighting, threats of legal action and a lack of response to community concerns may sink the project.  Wednesday, Mrs. B. shared a blog post about the Council.  It seems I wasn't the only one concerned about the Council.  Please take a moment and read the post to keep up to date on this issue.

These other links are related, and definitley worth a look.  It's always important to know who is stepping forward to speak for us.  It's even more important to know who they answer too, what they are up too and where any money they accept goes.

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