Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Timely and interesting lessons from a tarot reading

I like to pull out the tarot cards and draw out three.  No question asked.  One card for the past, one for the present and one for the future.  It sometimes leads to some interesting insights.  Sunday night's cards were no exception.

I'm currently using Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's Shadowscapes Tarot.  It's soft colors, intricate paintings and mix of worldviews is stunningly beautiful.  There is also some interesting and unconventional symbolism lurking.

The past card wasn't terribly interesting- The Nine of Cups- symbolizing prosperity and activity. The present card was so timely and appropriate that it took my breath away.  The Six of Pentacles.
"The Six of Pentacles represents the cycles of dependancies between those that have and those that have not.  The sapling pushes through the mud and the muck and the desolation under the shower of life and wealth from above.  The piper does not see or notice it, thinks perhaps that he is part of a one-sided equation of genorosity; but at the same time, the plants and branches buttress up the towering wall that he perches from. Their rootlets creep into the crevices and bind the structure with their mesh of life, protection from erosion, bracing. One supports the other, like an ouroboros, a self-sustaining cycle." (2010 Pui-Mun Law and Moore, 223)
I take this as a reminder that rich or poor, we are all inthis togehter.  We can extend that message to include our ancestors and descendants, the Earth itself and all of Life.  It's a reminder to me, that to go forward, we must look back, understand the relationships between things and beings and ideas.  The last card, the one representing the future, was the Queen of Swords.  She represents a wise mature woman who is valued for her straight forward views, sense of humor and experiences; to me, she is who I want to be.

The past, present and future are bound together.  Their value and message is what we make of it, but I think that one lesson to me seen from this reading is that we all exist as part of the whole.  We are none of us totally independent from the whole of humanity or the march of time.  We can choose to change it, to embrace it and to honor it, but we never escape it.  Where you are now has been shaped by human history, in thousands of intricate and subtle ways, where you go is largely up to you, but it is also a story that includes all of humankind, past, resent and future.

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