Monday, November 21, 2011

Courage to right wrongs

There are all sorts of courage in the world, and I've written about them before. Today, I want to congratulate all of the people of the world who are showing their courage by standing up, speaking out and demanding tre democracy, fairness under the law and equal access to neccesities of life.

These people are heroes. They see inequality and injustice and they are not looking the other way to preserve their personal safety. They are demanding change. They are standing u for themselves, but they are doing it for those who can't speak for themselves. They do it for the future, for the past and for now. Their efforts may impact us all before this historic moment is completed.

I admire those people who speak up against injustices big and small. I admire those who argue eloquently and reasonably against violence and inequality. May these heroes bring justice and compassion to the world. May their warrior spirits never be tainted by hatred. May their bodies be safe from harm. May we honor their bravery by embracing justice, equality, compassion and civil dialogue.

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