Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving and this pagan

I love Thanksgiving!  Yes, I know the story about the Puritans and thank God, but the idea of setting aside a day to celebrate and experience gratitude really touches me.  I will freely admit that some of my attachment to Thanksgiving is my heritage.  Some of my ancestors traveled to Plymouth colony in it's early days and settled there.  I'm not a Mayflower descendant, but my family has been here a long time. The tradition of Thanksgiving touches on more than just history and religious views for me.

It's a holiday that my irreligious husband can relate to and one that we have always spent together.  Dinner, depending on our finances, may be simple or grand, but since our marriage began, Thanksgiving has found us together.  Some Thanksgivings were joyous, noisy celebrations with family, or more recently, friends.  Others have been marked by sadness, like the year my great-grandmother passed away the night before.  We even celebrated one year in a tiny, apartment in Florida with no furniture save a lawn chair, air mattress and TV sitting on a Rubbermaid storage bin.  That was the year I was pregnant with our older son and my husband was attending Jaguar's training program.  This year, we're skipping the china and silver; dinner will be turkey and stuffing sandwiches.  It's low key, but we have things to be grateful for and not a lot of energy to put into making a big production of the holiday.

I hope that whatever your background, wherever you are, you set aside a bit of time each year to be grateful for the things you have and the experiences of your life.  Gratitude helps us embrace happiness and accept abundance into our lives.  It puts things into perspective.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! The size of the meal isn't what's important, but how you spend it. I'm sure those sandwiches will be wonderful.


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