Sunday, November 6, 2011


Sometimes, our interactions with the most familiar people can yield incredible sweetness. This week, I got flowers from my husband for no reason, kisses and cuddles from my eight year old and a "You're pretty, Mommy" from the four year old. My honorary nephew also voluntarily gave me a kiss and a "Love you Tia Mandy". A little bit of sweetness and some extra love can make all diffrence in somebody's week.  So, go out a spread a bit of it, just because you can.


  1. That's the kind of sweets that nourish the soul. And I love the witches on broomsticks!

  2. Gaia- I love the comment. I may have to save that for my collection. The witches animation is from Two Moms Talking- they have loads of things to add to your sight for free.

    Thanks for commenting, Diandra!


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