Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quiet, Strong Faith

The most powerful kind of faith is the quiet kind, the kind that grows, adapts and changes with us.  It is not completely unshakable or brittle, it is elastic and full of wonder.  It is the kind of faith that can entertain doubt and chaos and bad things, but it comforts us, helps us sort through new information and experiences.  It challenges us to keep striving for a better self, a better tomorrow and a better world.

Faith is not meant to force on people, but it can be shared, gently like sharing a seed.  It must be nurtured and nourished and give time and space to develop.  If your faith is threatened by someone else's, it does not mean they are wrong- it means you are not secure in your beliefs.

If your faith is based on dominating all to your gods' will- be warned that it will never work.  Faith is only valuable within individuals; within groups it is a method of control.  Faith is a shelter in storms. It may leak or fail to keep out all of the winds and rains of life, but it is not meant to replace free will or self determination.  It is not meant to govern or coerce, because that is the province of society.  Faith is a light that illuminates the dark places of our world and ourselves.  Share it if you must, but remember, yours will never be the same as another's.


  1. Great post! I absolutely agree that faith is first and foremost an individual thing, and even those with the same name for their faith often hold different beliefs within that faith. I hate to see it being used as a means of control or abuse. Again, great post. I love reading your blog!


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