Thursday, November 10, 2011

Painted trees

I walk in the mornings near my son's school.  The neighborhood is quiet, pretty and the light is amazing.  Fall has arrived here and the trees are beginning to change.  It's like an artist has touched the trees with golds and reds, that are bleeding through the tree's leaves. The colors are so vibrant and crisp.

The shift of seasons always amazes me.  It creeps up, making changes slowly.  One day, it suddenly hits me that everything is different, truly representative of the season.  Nature is an amazing thing that so slowly and inexorably continues it's march while we humans are too busy worrying about other things.

A quick note: My son and I have been sick.  These posts had been previously scheduled.  I love reading your comments and will try to answer them all when I am feeling better.  Thanks!

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