Friday, November 4, 2011

Money- what I didn't understand

On a whim, I checked in at Inelia Benz's the other day.  I read a post she had written about America, and then I decided to listen to audio exercise about reconnecting with the spirit of money, which seemed an odd thing to include on a website dedicated to helping people evolve spiritually.

I listened to her explanation of why money is important and then I followed along with the exercise.  It was an amazing experience- detailed, vivid, warm and comforting.  I now have a new spiritual task to work on: I need to relearn my attitude towards money.  It is not evil, just because the energy has been misused.  It is part of our world, deserves respect and is part of the greater energy of the Earth- it is the idea of abundance. We can reconnect with the spirit of abundance; we can fight back against it being used for evil purposes, and we can rethink what it means to us.  All of these would change our lives, and the world around us.

Try out this exercise.  Think about your attitude towards the idea of money (and the ideas of rich and poor and happiness).  Learn this energy, invite it into your life. Like many other life lessons, our attitudes towards money is complicated, tied to our past experiences (some of which we have long since forgotten, but incorporated into our worldview).  Once we work through the backlogged energies of the past, we can really create change in our lives by changing how we think and how we behave.

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