Thursday, November 3, 2011

Midnight heart to hearts and big suprises

I stayed up late talking to my husband one night about politics and the world's situation. It was an eye opening experience. We've known each other for 15 years, having been married for 12 of them.  From teenagers to adults, our journeys have been joined together.  We each know the other better than anyone else, but even so, we can be surprised- to the point of being blindsided.

My husband, who at one point in our lives together, I would never have described as confident or inclined to social action, confessed that he felt that maybe he should run for public office.  I was utterly gobsmacked, not because he's not a capable person, but because he feels that he needs to take some responsibility for this world's change.  His strengths would be amazing gifts to our community: he is reasonable, calm under pressure, and insanely logical.  He is also very compassionate and willing to take responsibility for his actions.  On the down side, we aren't exactly poster children for the perfect family: we communicate via sarcasm; our religious beliefs are unconventional, we are honest to a fault, and we think that a community is only as strong as it's weakest members.  Whatever his decision, I'll stand by him, advising, challenging and cheering.

People we have known for years can surprise us, if we let them.  Growth, passion and a thirst to make change can lie dormant, unnoticed, in an individual for years, but when the moment is right, amazing strength, insight and action can appear.  A life lesson to remember: we all have unplumbed depths waiting to be explored and utilized.  All we need is the courage to do so.

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  1. My youngest kid wants to be president one day. He will make a great president. Every year at school he wins the "Most likely to be President" award. Lol. he is always overly concerned about fairness, equality, and sharing. He is a great kid and this country will be lucky to have him. It sounds like your husband has some qualities that the public could benefit from as well. Maybe the two of them could change the world! :) I wish him luck.


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