Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fitness Challenge Update

What week are we on again?  I've lost track.  If you haven't heard- Domestic Pagan's url has changed to a .net from a .com.  If you haven't been able to find her, that's why.

Now that I'm on the mend, I've started walking again in the mornings.  I'm still not eating much, which is a good thing.  It's giving me an opportunity to correct some not so healthy eating habits.  Other than those two things, I have nothing to report.  

I hope you are all well and feeling fit.  If you are feeling a bit discouraged, take a moment to visualize yourself meeting your goals and feeling great.  It's an awesome way to reaffirm your own courage and ability.



  1. Glad to know that you're on the mend. My virus only lasted 48 hours, but I slept on the bathroom floor.


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