Wednesday, November 23, 2011


My kids have interesting comforts.  My eight year old likes my fuzzy, pink bathrobe when he's upset or sick.  He also watches preschool shows when he's unhappy. The four year old, he likes satin, a sippy cup of milk, and rubbing his toes on my leg.  It's good that they know how to give themselves comfort, but it's got me thinking about my own self comofrting strategies.

Like many people, I have comfort foods that I turn to in times of crisis: chocolate, cheese and bread.  I listen to certain songs when I'm lonely or sad (Irish laments, Toad the Wet Sprocket); certain movies (Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and 10 things I Hate About You) tend to be watched when I'm in certain moods. Obviously, some of these strategies are healthier than others.  I'm always in the process of changing out unhealthy behaviors  for healthier ones, but it is a long process of identifying, understanding and replacing.

When you need comfort, where do you turn?  Do you worry about how healthy your coping mechanism is or do you simply accept the comfort and move on?  Whatever your comforts are, I hope they work for you and ease your pain.  


  1. My comforts... I often turn to food, but my comfort foods are mostly healthy (healthier?) choices: Stews and soups and such. Then there are several songs I like ("The song that goes like this" from Spamalot is *our* song, the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack will work, "Just older" and "The radio saved my life tonight" by Bon Jovi, "For now" from Avenue Q). No time for watching comfort movies, though. :-( After a long day, I like to read a few pages, and there are some books I turn to when life is really crappy, such as "American Gods". Which reminds me, I still have to read the latest edition. ^^

  2. I pick up the phone and call my mom. She's helped me through everything. I also lean on chocolate, which is bad as it breaks my face out into a pimply nightmare.

  3. Daindra and Nicole, these are great ideas. Blessings!


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