Sunday, November 27, 2011

A big lesson- trusting yourself

In my opinion, the most important, and the most difficult, lesson in developing spirituality is learning to trust yourself.  Without a bone deep, strong trust in your own judgement, you cannot trust anyone else.  You can't trust the Universe, or the Powers That Be, or the gods without this first part.  

A lack of trust in ourselves allows for organized religion, that separates us from the Divine by way of an intermediary, a translator, a sibyl, a priest.  It prevents change, innovation and self determination by taking the power to judge out of your hands and places it those of another human being, who is equally fallible as we are.

If I could simply whisper some words to you to help you find that little voice of intuition and Divinity with in you, I absolutely would.  Sadly, this is one lesson where I can share my reasoning, share my experience, share my hopes for you, but I cannot really do anything to help you learn to trust yourself.  I breaks my heart a little, but I also know that the moment you find a way to truly trust yourself, to accept your worthiness of receiving Divine communication in its many forms, it will be a triumph and a joy.

We are all capable of receiving direct communication from the divine consciousness of the Universe, but we have been largely trained to believe that we are not important enough for direct revelation.  That is a huge lie that keeps us from growing as souls.  You are worthy.  The Universe (the gods, whatever you call the Divine) is waiting for you to open yourself up and communicate.  Ask, listen, ques,converse, feel.  This communication goes in both directions.  You do not have to feel ashamed, afraid or silly.  If you have questions, ask them and wait for the answers (which may be slow in coming, but they have never failed to come to me in delightful ways).  If you need help or comfort, you can have it (don't expect magical fixes to every problem overnight, because that is rare, but accept that you are loved and important in the grand scheme of things). The Universe will sometimes even offer you help when you don't believe it is possible.  Those moments when you get a gut feeling, a premonition, those are touches of the Divine trying to guide you to where you are needed or meant to go.  Sometimes these warnings are about people who do not mean us well, and should not be trusted.  Other times, the warning is about change.  When something bothers you for no apparent reason, trust that something, someone out there wants you to look closer at what's going on so that you are safe and well.

Trust yourself.  You are string enough, wise enough, deserving enough to communicate with the Divine.  Trust that you know more than you think you do and that you are capable of receiving answers and help from the Universe.  Once you learn to trust yourself, you will find the exact right path for your spiritual development.


  1. However, that little voice of doubt can still be a good tool helping you to separate the true intuition form things your midn simply makes up. (That happens to me all the time.)

  2. You're right that doubt can be useful, but I'm more interested in the "don't go with that person", "turn around and leave", "You're child is NOT alright" sort of messages. You know the ones that turn out to be completely true, but hard to quantify. I don't know about you, but when my mind is messing with me, it uses a particular tone of voice.


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