Monday, October 10, 2011

The weirdest mishaps

The other day it was storming here.  During the fall and winter this isn't exactly unexpected.  You might expect a water related accident or electrical problems during a storm, right?  I got a bedroom full of broken glass caused by the weirdest thing I've had happen yet- the wind tunnel effect.

My four year old was opening and closing the front door, and I was trying to stop him.  Somehow, the air flow change from the open door, sucked the air through the apartment, knocked over the window fan, which hit the candle holder, which knocked over a bunch of stuff and filled my dresser drawer with shards of glass.  Crazy, yeah?

I'm looking for message or a moral or a bright side to all of this, but mostly, I'm just thinking, "WTF?"  When totally random, weird things happen in your life (the sort of things that make you doubt your own sanity) what do you do?  Do you look for meaning or blow your top?  Sit dazed and try to figure out if you're dreaming?  Srrug your shoulders and move on?

Also, on a completely, unrelated note, Happy Indigenous People's Day!

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  1. Maybe it's symbolism is the Chaos thing no matter how small affects another then another and so forth. Of course it could just be weird ;p Either way I would be more worried about little fingers getting careful cleaning up. ^_^


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