Sunday, October 23, 2011

The spirit in my room

This time of year is full of dreams and spirits for many people.  For me, it is a time for messages from my family on the other side of life (typically vivid dream conversations that make an awful lot of sense compared to my usual).  This year, it has also brought a bit of an unusual visitor.  I am frequent recipient of visits from the shadow beings that some call the Shadow People. Faeries visit from time to time (and usually impart their lessons with a healthy dose of mischief and fun).  We've come to an understand that they are welcome, so long as they stop scaring the crap out of me and don't bother the kids.  I see them dart from place to place, notice them watching from the corners of the room, but we rarely interact (okay, I'll confess to leaving food for the faeries in hopes that they don't rearrange things I need).  These are the "normal" visitors to my home.  Lately, however, another being has made it's presence known.  It's a light colored glow that stands near my bedroom door (which is almost always open).

This being is the exact visual opposite of the Shadow Folk.  Where they are like living shadows, this being is a faint light.  It's also full of a rather surprising amount of warm energy as I accidentally found out one night.  It startled me one night when I woke up and thought I'd left a light on.  Then I remembered that light doesn't turn corners.  I reached out to touch it, which the Shadow People have never allowed, and felt a semi solid warmth.  Then I was flooded with a sense of quiet and peace that was certainly not mine own.

Since that night, I've seen this being many more times, but I'm no closer to knowing who or what it is.  I had thought it might be my late great grandfather, who has made appearances when things are rough in the family, but the energy and image don't fit.  I'm pretty sure it isn't a household faery, they are usually brightly colored and bit noisy when I notice them (and nothing seems to have been rearranged or borrowed as is their wont).

It's been an interesting experience.  I have no clue as to what this being is doing, but it is nice to have some extra positive energy flowing.  What do you think? Have you had similar visitations or experiences?  Do yours tend to get stronger the near to Halloween it gets?

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