Monday, October 17, 2011

Sometimes I'm bad, and that's good

There is particular, delicious flavor to naughtiness.  I'm sure that's why my kids enjoy it so. There are days when I throw all caution and good behavior to the wind and enjoy some mischief.  I think of it as channeling my inner pixie; my husband calls it being evil.  My kids think it's funny, as long as it isn't directed at them (and sometimes, they like being the "victims").

I'd like to claim that the naughtiness is only trotted out on special occassions, but frankly, I just do on a whim.  It's fun to free myself from some of the constraints imposed on me by society and myself.  It can wash away a great deal of irritation and feelings of aging.  It reminds me that I can make my own rules, so long as I don't go overboard.

Have some fun and embrace your naughty side.  It's empowering and just plain fun.  Tell a naughty joke, pull a prank, laugh, say what's on your mind. A little bit of bad is very good in moderation, so eat dessert first or wear red lipstick.  Live a little!

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