Thursday, October 27, 2011

In need of light

One of the most amazing gifts I have received in my life is the light that finds me when I am nearly swallowed up by darkness.  Sometimes that light is in the form of sweetness and love from my kids.  Sometimes it is a reminder from my husband that he loves me, even when I'm a bit prickly.  Other sunbeams have been from perfect strangers, maybe somebody helps me out by opening a door while my hands or full; a brilliant smile from someone you see out in public, or a new follower on this blog.

Whoever and wherever you are, you can spread a bit of light.  Smile at people, do something kind, just because you can, or simply be grateful for the beauty in the world.  Say hi to a stranger, comment on someone's blog or laugh at the cleverness of a child. Let somebody merge into traffic ahead of you or offer to help someone out. It's not hard to do, but we forget, all too often, how we can and do influence the beings around us.  Let's spread the light around to dispel the darkness in us and around us. What you send out into the Universe, comes back to you in one form or another.

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  1. It always brightens my day when show kindness and common courteousy. One of my favorite things to do was to leave a smiley face on a post it saying something like" I think your awesome!" on the computer screen of people I worked with or leaving notes inside books, eventually someone would find a sweet compliment just for them.
    And just so you know your blog has a tendancy to brighten my day :)


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