Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fitness update: Okay, I officially suck

I fell of the wagon this week.  I've been too involved in dealing with looking for a new place to live (yes, we're moving AGAIN after only 1 year) to do much of anything.  Being anxious and depressed hasn't helped, and I've done a lot of emotional eating.

I did walk Monday and Tuesday, though.  I'm even trying to think about packing and moving as part of my fitness routine (since I have a lot of stuff to pack, move and unpack down two flights of stairs). Wednesday was a complete loss (except for the fact I did not have extra helpings of the chicken pot pie I made for dinner- I stuck to one), but Thursday and Friday went well. I still haven't done any yoga, but I did watch the video through once to make sure it wasn't too advance for me.

I'll try to do better next week.  How are you guys doing?



  1. No, you don't suck. You've stumbled and fallen--just like everyone else. And you will do what each of us has done: get up, wash up, apply plantago to the scrapes and arnica to the bruises, and keep on going and not give up.

    You have a lot going on right now, but you are worth every effort. An ocaissional oops in your diet plan keeps the old metabolism from getting complacent.

    Just remember we're rooting for you.

  2. Every step we take in the "wrong" direction teaches us something about ourselves and the way we want to take.

  3. Don't be so hard on yourself there is alot going on. Besides I think your awesome and your doing great! All that moving will most certainly give you a work out..I'm sweating just thinking about it ;) You'll be fine and I am rooting for you!

  4. Thanks for the support, ladies. it is very appreciated.


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