Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fitness Challenge update

Last weekend kicked my butt.  I got the flu and slept.  On the upside, I drank tons of water and didn't eat much, mostly because everything tastes like cardboard when your nose is stuffed up. I'm easing back into the exercise, because I'm still really tired.  Packing boxes full of books is giving my quite a bit of exercise, as are predawn walks to the car and back to retrieve items.

As for witching my fitness plan, I've broken out the weight loss oil (I didn't name or formulate it).  It makes me eat less, mostly because it stinks and things don't smell quite as appetizing afterwards.  I've also been meditating on seeing my new self emerging from the shed skin of my less healthy self- kind of like a snake or a Slitheen (okay, now I've given myself away as a geek).

I have two types of cravings- one is the comfort sort, where the foods I crave are because of feelings (chocolate when I'm cranky, bread when it's cold); the other is what I call nutrient cravings (like an intense desire for winter squash, carrots and pumpkin for several days or a need for sushi, or tomatoes, vinegar and onions), that seem related to a nutrient.  The nutrient cravings are easy to deal with- either eat some or take a multivitamin.  Once the craving is taken care of, it doesn't bother me again for a long while.  The emotional cravings are harder to deal with because I get caught up in the emotions and forget to ask myself if I really am hungry or if I want comfort.  When I'm able to mindfully analyze the emotional cravings they can be dealt with one of two ways- I can have a little bit of whatever I'm craving, often serotonin releasing things like chocolate or cheese (both of which are recommended by doctor as a way of coping with severe depression in the moment, but only in small amounts), or I can redirect my emotions to a more constructive activity like writing, painting or scrubbing the bathroom.

Happy Samhain, my friends.  May you be blessed by abundance, health and joy.


  1. I'm so sorry that you've been under the weather. I can identify with the nutrient craving (greens for me), but this,too, will pass. Keep on writing--or come to my house for advanced bathroom scrubbing.

  2. Gaia- "advanced bathroom scrubbing" is completely tickling my funny bone. It just brings to mind the idea of taking a class on scrubbing the lav. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I think eating for comfort is not all that bad - you could still try to find some healthier comfort foods (I made some delicious apple sauce last week, without added sugar, but with some ground almonds for crunch), stews and such. As long as it doesn't get out of hand - it appears to be a universal human coping mechanism, after all.

    (When I am feeling down, I love to bake. Funnily, if I bake for comfort, I do not necessarily have to eat the baked goods afterwards. Same with cooking - I prepare and snack and taste the food while preparing it (in small quantities, of course), and when dinner is done, I am hardly hungry anymore and satisfied with smaller portions. ^^ )


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