Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fitness challenge update

I've been putting off getting my measurements.  But here they are:
Bust: 49"
Height: 5'1"
I refuse to step on the scale though. It makes me cry.

This week went better, so thanks to everyone who was so encouraging last week.  I walked each morning, including getting a few extra minutes in on Monday and Tuesday.  I've been drinking my water, and I added extra veggies to our comfort food casserole on Monday (and the kids didn't notice anything amiss). Wednesday and Thursday had nice walks, but Friday, I was running late and not feeling well.  I'm getting the flu, I think.

I even spend a few minutes with my Pilates band.  Still haven't done the yoga, but that's because I can't currently find my living room floor.  Maybe I can get the living room cleaned up and get the little guy to dance with me one night.

I've set a new goal.  Screw the weight loss, I wan to fit into that pair of jeans in my bottom drawer that I've never worn.  Mostly because I don't want to buy another pair that fits (please, please, please don't make me go to Sears).  They're only one size down.  That should be doable, right?

Anyhow, I hope all of you are feeling some change happening and I will try to catch up on reading your posts in the next few days when I feel better.  Good luck and best wishes.


  1. I haven't measure myself since the first day we did it; week two, I think. I still don't know how much I weight either.

    I won't publish my post until next week, and I'll be in my time of the month so that means a bit thicker around the middle, but that's okay. Like you, I must say screw the weight loss. Most people would laugh because I'm thin, but I'm not as fit as I should be (things are soft here and there and when you have hip issues you need strong muscles and not a lot of fat).

    I'm rambling, huh? I just want to say that we seem to be around the same place: understanding that we want to be fit and willing to make the effort, but don't throw anything ridiculous my way.

    I've been eating and drinking well, but a couple of days ago I had an wicked amount of BBQ wings lol.

  2. I have a pair of pants like that, too.
    I saw an exercise where you lift your laundry detergent bottle (seriously. Stand with feet apart about shoulder width, bottle to the outside of the foot, twist and bend, pickup the bottle with both hands, elbows straight, stand up straight, twist and bend and put the bottle down on the outside of the other foot). I'm doing laundry today. Butt crunches are easy, stand behind chair, feet apart and toes forward, slowly rise to the balls od your feet and squeeze the buttocks together tightly for a count of 8. Lower your heels and repeat. This can be done at the copier at work, too.
    I wonder how many goofy exercises we could come up with cleaning house?
    As to not weighing in, one of my docs always maintained that weit didn't matter, that I should aim for a size and have that as my goal. I want to be a size 8. My goal.(damn, that feels good).

  3. I'd say, get on the scale and get over it. Don't post your results if you don't feel like it. But not getting on the scale because you won't like the results takes too much emotional power. You will be the same, whether you know the numbers or not, and the numbers do not matter after all. Try your best to just live healthier, take small steps. And keep those smaller pants around, try them on occasionally - they're a great motivator.


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