Friday, October 7, 2011

Fitness Challenge update

So, we're not quite a week in to the challenge. Some people seem really excited, while others are feeling a bit of trepidation.  Me, I'm tired.  A bout of depression and some rainy weather (my 20 minute walk on Tuesday got reduced to 10 once the kids started complaining about getting wet) have sapped my energy levels.

One method for keeping my energy up is a little weird.  I listen to weight loss self hypnosis mp3s.  Lots of these are available on Amazon or iTunes for very reasonable prices.  Listen to them at night or when you've got some down time (but not while you're driving) to help reinforce your commitment to fitness.

My other method is not weird.  I listen to several bouncy, energetic songs in a row and dance around the living room with the kid.  It gets my heart rate up and the blood flowing, not to mention it harnesses the little monster's excess.

Drink some water.  I grew up in a desert during a drought.  Dry skin and dry mouth don't mean anything to me, so I forget to drink water.  Of course, everything in your body requires water to function, so being thirsty (even if you can't recognize it) slows you down. I'm so bad about drinking my water that I have an app on my phone to remind me; through out the day it makes tinkling noises (my kids say the phone sounds like it's peeing) to remind me.  I tap on an icon to log my glasses of water and I can look back at the stats to see if I've been meeting my goals or if I need to work on it.  If you find yourself tired, with a headache and an unfocused mind, try a glass of water.

My last tip is to go to bed.  I am really bad about staying up if I'm reading or talking with my husband in bed.  Unfortunately, I pay for the next day, which starts a nasty cycle of sleep deprivation.

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  1. I glad your doing well despite a few hiccups. I'm sure next week will be easier and if nothing else a "peeing" phone is always good for a laugh ;) Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks Delphi. You're right about the peeing phone- it's got good comedic timing.

  3. I so agree about going to bed! I always stay up well beyond what I mean to.
    Think baby steps too, I know I for one had a lot of setbacks this week and actually gained 2 lbs but I like to think that I am making positive changes in my life and things will show soon. Even just increasing your water intake is hugely benefical!!!

  4. Sarah, when I started tracking my water intake in the late spring, I lost some tummy fat, my face cleared up a lot and I was hungry less often. Amazing isn't it?

    Hang in there, maybe next week will be easier.

  5. It will get better. I keep a quart jar od water with sliced lemon and cucumber in the fridge--right tasty.

  6. Thanks, Gaia. I've been meaning to make some spa water, of course that requires the ritual cleaning and sacrifice of the fridge contents to the trash monster, and I'm feeling lazy. Thanks for the support, though.

  7. I think the hypnosis mp3s are a great idea. My husband is a qualified hypnotherapist and you'd think I would use his skills but NO! I tell myself I'm too busy etc. etc. etc. I'm going to get him to record me my own mp3 and actually make time to listen to it.

    I think you did great this week - far better than me!


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