Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dreaming bigger

"You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." -John Lennon

We all have dreams.  They might be to win the lottery or invent the next iWhatever; they could be more modest like going to college or buying a house or just not yelling at the kids for an entire 24 hour period.  Those dreams might even be huge- like ending global warming or creating world peace.  Dreams are good for us, they give us something to fantasize about, something to work towards.

Today, I'm dreaming big, or at least bigger than me.  I'm dreaming of a world where money is not the most powerful influence in politics, a world where education and food and shelter are inalienable human rights, a world in which we could all be ourselves, so long as we aren't hurting anyone.  On one level, these dreams are simple, childlike dreams that could be accomplished if everyone decided they were important.  On another level, they seem impossible, because we can't get 535 elected  (supposedly adult) members of Congress to calmly, rationally discuss anything without mudslinging, tantrums, threats, ultimatums or tears.  Kindergartners sound more reasonable (this from the mother of a school age child and one getting ready to start next year- ironic, yes?).  I dream about ways that the world can be reshaped all the time.

Hold on to your dreams, even the ones that feel impossible.  Two years ago, I couldn't imagine OccupyWallStreet, even though I had already thought about many of the problems being discussed.  In a way, just seeing other people saying things I have long believed is a dream come true.  If those of us who hope for a better, more equitable future keep dreaming, keep sharing, keep believing- those dreams will come true.  Light your candle and burn brightly so that others may see; encourage others to do the same.  Dream big; dream beyond yourself; dream for the world.

"The night is long, but our dream is longer." -Haitian Proverb

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