Friday, October 21, 2011

The discomfort of Limbo

I hate to be between.  The idea of Limbo scares the crap out of me and indecision pisses me off.  So my life lately has been uncomfortable because everything is up in the air.  On an ideological level, I get the importance of liminal spaces as the boundaries between diametrically opposed concepts.  As much as French Structural anthropology makes my head spin, I get the basic point.  In life, liminal spaces are harder for me to deal with.

This is one of those spiritual lessons that I have been terribly resistant to.  I'll admit to it. I'd rather be solidly grounded in a situation or decision, even if it's not the right one, than to be in between.  I know there are lessons to be learned about going with the flow, patience, and rejecting boundaries, but it's frightening.

In meditation, the void doesn't scare me, now that I'm used to it.  It was daunting at first, but eventually, I found a way to understand.  I know that is what I need to do with my life right now, but it's hard, and I'm feeling whiny.

Do you have problems with the betweens of life?  How do you deal with them?  I'd love to know.  In the mean time, I'm focusing on not freaking out and trying to absorb whatever lesson is to be found in this Limbo.


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  1. If an inbetween scares me, I try not to look at where I came from or where I am going, and just experience the moment.


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