Friday, October 14, 2011

A cosmic attitude adjustment

On Thursday, I got an attitude adjustment, that was probably a bit overdue, to be honest.  I was stressed, a little bitchy (which, up to a point, can merely be attributed to my general personality) and in a hurry.  I had a predawn errand to run, kids to get ready for the day and  my family is still looking for a new apartment (30 days to go).  I've been a bit snarly and snarky, and frankly too busy to look around.

My attitude adjustment was actually rather nice.  In the western sky, a big, bright moon and it's companion star, wreathed with a rainbow halo against a deep blue and grey patchwork.  On the other horizon, the oranges and pinks of a spectacular sunrise was beginning.  Such beauty and such unusual balance all at the same time.  Suddenly, the world and it's magic and beauty was once again in the forefront of my mind.  A few deep breaths of cool, moist air and I had a sense of peace that I've been missing for a while.

While this magic lingers in my heart, I thought I'd share.  I bless you with joy and peace and wonder. May your hearts be full of magic.


  1. I had the same view this morning while walking my girls to school. Such an inspiring sight. Thank you for shring.

  2. That may be the nicest attitude adjustment from the PTB (powers that be) ever. Fantastic! Thank you for sharing.


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