Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bullies big and small

I was a bullied kid.  Eventually, I figured out how to stand up for myself, but it was not a good way to go through life.  Now, I've found out that my son is being bullied in a school district that swears it has a zero tolerance policy.  This comes on the heels of local scandal that a group of fifth graders at another school in the district left racist death threat messages on the desk of a girl.  WTF?

This community is ethnically diverse (it needs a bump in the economic diversity department).  It's prosperous, educated above average as a whole and pretty quiet in the crime department; but there is a dark side.  There are many bullies in Walnut Creek and most of them are adults.  Laws are unevenly applied.  City council has long tried to force out the lower income people, and the local historical society has white washed history so badly that its more a fantasy they relate to the visitors (I worked there, I should know).  The police harass some people while turning a blind eye to the crimes of others (did you know it requires tow police cars to pull over a family of four in an older sedan for a burnt out side marker?). A trip to pick up my son at school will reveal to you an rather large number of scofflaws and rude people who figure laws don't apply to them (driving the wrong way on one way streets, stopping in the middle of the road to chat with somebody driving the opposite direction while holding up traffic, parking in clearly marked no parking zones).  How can a society that claims everybody has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness function if some people's rights are continuously stomped on?

Bullies, big or small, need to be stopped.  Nobody should have to be afraid to simple be themselves.  So, each morning, I will remind my son to put on his armor.  I will watch and listen for signs of trouble, then I'll be in the principal's office, again, complaining.  I'm not backing down to bullies.  I will protest threatening behavior at the personal level, at the community level and most certainly at the national.  Fear is not going to win, if I can do anything about it.  I am not a warrior by choice or by nature, but I will not be a vicitm or a silent accomplice to cruelty.  For me, this is part of my spiritual path, part of my duty to my gods and to humanity.  It is part of "Harming None".

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  1. I know how you feel..for years my son was being bullied at his elementary school and no matter how many times I complained..hell I even involved the Superintendant and filed a police report and nothing happened. Even though no matter what I did, it didn't seem to matter, it mattered to my son. He knows that no matter what I will back him up and he knows that even though some people bully it is a stronger person that stands up for those that are being bullied. I wish I could have fixed the problem, but at least my son knows that people like that will not break him. Sending my strength for your son.


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