Sunday, October 9, 2011

Against our will

No, this isn't about rape, but rape is a symptom of a larger problem: some people think their will should be inflicted on others, even if it's not wanted.  These people get a strange, sick thrill out of power over other people.  You can see it in religious groups who attempt mass conversion to their point of view through legislation, through brainwashing and through violence.  You can see it in politics.  You have probably even seen it in your personal life when somebody tries to use emotional or criminal blackmail to get you to do what they want.

Nobody should be have to change their essential identity because they are being forced.  No should mean no when anyone tries to change you.  I don't care whether it's trying to coerce sex or convert you radical Christianity or Islam.  Human rights should not be abridged by an individual, a group or a government.  You have an inherent right as a human being to life, to self determination and to your own conscience.  You are important.  You are a valuable and unique human being. You have the power to say no, and to stand up for yourself.


  1. Hell Yeah Sister!! I have spent a large part of my life being coerced and gulited into being the way a certain family member wants me to the point were I have have become sick and stressed even lost some of my hair. No one should feel beneath someone else or to feel like you don't matter. In any shape or form seizing someone else life for your own gsin is despicable.

  2. I agree Delphi. I hope this person no longer controls you and that you are healing.

  3. I agree! I am working on freeing my mind so the few in my life that feel this way can't effect me negatively anymore. Thanks for a great post!


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