Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stepping off the path

For some people, religion and spirituality are filled with solemnity and ritual.  Formality and rigidity comfort them, they require a script and/or a middleman to speak to their god(s) or goddess.  For some of us, spirituality is more intuitive and organic, it is in the air we breath and the stars that shine on us. Either method is fine, it is just a reflection of who you are and where you are on y our developmental path.

For me, once I embraced the idea that ritual was just a road map and that anyone could communicate with the Divine, if only they trusted themselves enough to try, I gave up most rituals and religion.  I no longer needed them.  As time has gone by, I have had many conversations with the gods.  Some have been intense and dark encounters.  Others as simple and natural as being a child in the Mother's arms.  The deities I know are filled with all things.  They are neither light nor dark; stern and patient as the moment demands.  They  have laughed at my frustrations, but it is never a laughter of superiority or malice; they challenge me to do for myself and they ask no for than I am capable of.  These deities are friends, parents, teachers, challengers, guides, tricksters and even lovers.  They are all that we are and have ever been and could ever be.  We reflect them, and they reflect we.  It has been affirmed, over and over again, that we all choose a path to walk, and that they will respect that choice.  If we accept them, they will be part of our lives, but they will not be dictated to.  Their help is not always what we expect and they do not exist in time the way we do.

Reaching out to the gods is not hard.  It requires no tools or rituals or initiations.  It does require courage and an open heart.  If you ask, and you hear laughter, do not be offended.  They are simply celebrating your accomplishment. If you feel fear, it is because they are challenging you to conquer it.  If you are met with silence, it is a message to ask the right question so that they may give you the answer.  Go ahead, stray off the path; you might even find it gets you where you're going faster if you make your own trail.

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