Monday, September 26, 2011

The older me and the younger me

Lately, I've seen and heard from several friends who have all made an interesting comment- they want to get back in touch with their younger selves.  Sometimes, I understand this rather well, but other times, it's nice to be this age.  I miss being responsible for only myself, but I've learned so much through being a wife and mother and a student.

Don't get me wrong, there are things about my younger self that I miss, like hope, energy, and size 6 pants.  Looking back, with a considerable amount of honesty and humility, I realize that in most respects, I like this me better.  I know a lot more, but realize how little I know in comparison to what is out there to learn.  I've had some experiences and met some people who changed my perspective drastically.  I am more in touch with the world and more aware of how things work now.  I've developed a duck's back against many forms of criticism and learned to take advice with a grain of salt.  I've developed strange forms of courage (the younger me would have never started this blog or breast fed in public or written a letter to an elected leader calling them out for their behavior).

I don't think that revisiting the younger me is a great idea.  I can love her, admire her innocence and laugh at her attitude, but I can no longer be her.  I think the healthier path is to reclaim the parts of her that I need, and more importantly, embrace the great parts of who I am now to make another version of myself who is stronger, smarter, happier and more beautiful.  You can't ignore your past, but you don't have to dwell there, either.

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