Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laughter from above or below or whatever

"The gods too are fond of a joke."  -Aristotle

Have you ever made a decision and felt like you were being snickered at by the Universe? Or found yourself at the end of a long chain or seemingly random events that caused mayhem? Or maybe you are a devotee of Murphy's Law?  Yeah, me too.

Some divine beings are tricksters.  They are there to trip up the over proud and humble the haughty.  They delight in turn order to chaos and challenging the establishment.  Theses are the gods of creative destruction and destructive creativity.  Loki, Hermes, Mercury, Coyote, Raven, Anansi, Eshu, Brer Rabbit, Eris, Monkey are the names of a few.  They are the immortal teachers who do not mind getting a bit dirty or wreaking havoc if a lesson can be imparted.  They laugh at our careful plans, especially if we overlook the obvious.  They are not impressed with egotism or greed or any version of entitlement.  They will laugh when you trip yourself up, and help you learn to laugh at yourself (not to mention paying better attention to keeping your feet on the ground).  They will play the fool to teach kings, and they are the driving force behind the innocent mischief of children.

From time to time, I have heard the laughter of the gods.  To be honest, often I set myself up for it, but I am also learning to appreciate the lessons.  My ego has been deflated to more healthy proportions; I am learning spontaneity and the joy of laughter.  I see possibilities now where once I only would have seen destruction.  I appreciate order because I have known chaos, intimately.  When you are certain that everything is out to get you, take a moment and evaluate: are you being paranoid, or are you simply being steered into a much needed lesson?  Learn to laugh at yourself, because really, you'll stop being entertained that way.  You'll also decrease your chances of being the favorite target of these tricksters if you accept the lessons they teach and move on, which, of course, is it's own reward. In more ways than one.

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