Thursday, September 8, 2011

Choosing hope

Lately, the news seems comprised of three categories: the bad, the really bad and the truly awful.  As an empathetic person who sometimes aches terribly for the suffering of others, it often becomes overwhelming.  For me, it's like being pulled under by a huge tentacled monster in a sea of sludge.

Yet everyday, I chose to keep struggling, to keep fighting my way back to the surface.  It's not easy; it's often exhausting and sometimes it doesn't work.  Other days, someone or something helps me out, by lifting me up, letting me rest.  Some days, I even manage to pull myself, temporarily, out of the sludge and exist away from the struggle; as much as I would love to live there, to never struggle against injustice, fear, pain, sorrow, cruelty and hatred, I can't ignore it.  I have to keep speaking up, even when I'm pretty sure that I'm being ignored.  If I don't try, how can I expect anyone else to?

I choose hope today.  There are days when my doubts get the better of me, but I haven't given up completely.  When you feel overwhelmed, how do you deal?  Do you retreat and regroup?  Do you despair?  Do you soldier on?  Do you have some other creative way to cope?

"The future belongs to those who give the next generation reason for hope."

-Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


  1. There are times when I feel swallowed up and I can't seem to move this times I remind myself of the blessings in my home and family, my* I tell myself I am not the only one who wants love and hope and I force myself to move forward. I am not able to shrug off my sorrow, but I look at as a that am better able to understand the heart of someone who is suffering. We are all connected so if I show strength and hope to someone..they might be able to better express their hope for tomorrow. You are wonderful Mandy..never stop standing up and shouting at the makes a difference.
    Blessed Be*


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