Friday, September 30, 2011

Changes and challenges

Tomorrow, October 1, is the start of the the Domestic Pagan's fitness challenge.  The timing has been rather fortuitous for me.  I've been contemplating changes in my life and this challenge is a great way to start.

When change is needed, I like to step back and take stock.  Then I make a plan, set some goals.  I also remind myself that change is like transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly: it requires some work, a safe place, time and discomfort, but in the end, I will emerge with a beautiful new set of wings.  I am also becoming aware that my body is interfering with my spiritual development.  In order to get back on track, I have to take care of my body, my mind and my soul.

So in the spirit of the challenge and of creating change, here are my goals (for the moment, I do better with baby steps than big changes):

  • I'm going to walk 5 days a week (for starters).  Now where did I put that pedometer I bought a while ago and never used?
  • I will drink water, not soda.  My kidneys are cheering.
  • I will finally watch that yoga video I keep ignoring and try it out. 
  • I will try a new low fat meal each week.  By the way, does anyone have any good recipes for making black beans more palatable?  How about lentil soup?
  • I will not replace sleep with caffeine.
If you need a change, set some goals and start working.  I'm sending good thoughts you're way.  Wish me luck, I'm off to look for my fitness stuff.


  1. Good Luck!! I'll bet you'll do Wonderfully! I'm cheering for you*

  2. Good Luck!! Your plan sounds awesome!! If you get bored with your yoga video they have yoga zone videos on Hulu now!! I am going to do one of those with my girls in the morning! Blessings!!

  3. Good luck with meeting your goals

  4. I'm really happy to say I can sleep after caffeine because I love the taste of the damn thing *so yummy* I NEED more water on my diet.

    Read you around dear. We can do this!

  5. Sending positive energy your way. You have a well thought and achievable plan. Can't wait to hear about your successes.

  6. Hip hip Hooray! Let the fun begin!

  7. Thanks for all the support and encouragement! I'm so excited to do this with you all. I'll be around to your blogs soon. Cheers!

  8. congrats on making resonable small goals! we can do this!!

  9. I will be posting lots of great recipes so come on over to Seraphim's Diner! Tomorrow I also will be starting the Drop it Swap it section of the blog and that is also a lot of fun and educational! I hope you enjoy your yoga class... try this site also they have a ton of wonderful recipes on just about anything you can imagine! YOU CAN DO THIS!

  10. I will send good thoughts your way! Please send some my way, too hehe. I also have a yoga dvd that has been gathering dust... Time to get it out.


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