Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You know what they say about assumptions...

Yesterday was the first day of school for my older son.  Reason to celebrate.  But also a time of awkwardness. New students, teachers, class arrangements and regulations.  Leading me to walk down to pick up the kids rather than waiting in the car like the antisocial crumudgeon I pretend to be.  Sitting on a bench, a little way from the chaos with my younger son, a woman asked if she could sit next to us.

Not that unusual right?  Small talk and flirting from the kid led to an uncomfortable conversation.  You know one of those which blindsides you, leaves you without a graceful exit and makes everybody feel weird.  Way to start the year, huh?  This one was because of a book.  The woman sitting with us was reading a book about the power of scripture.  Not my cup of tea, but obviously I wouldn't have brought it up.  She starts raving about how wonderful it is, how it will change your life, how relaxing, how everybody should read it.  AWKWARD!  Yeah, I've read the bible- several versions of it- and I am aware of the editorial history of scripture, not to mention the intellectual heritage of Christianity, which nearly all comes from some other religion.  Also, I'm pagan.  My husband is an atheist.  We also tend to stick to the "Don't talk about politics or religion" rule when outside of our circle of close friends (no, we don't talk about it to 95% of our family either).  I didn't say anything other than, "I think I'll stick to my fictions."  Of course the damage was done.  She was affronted. I was annoyed.

So the moral of the story:  "You know what they say about assumptions: they make an ass of you and me."  Think twice about was you think you know about the people around you.  It will make for better relations all around.


  1. I would have loved to see her face, honestly...I don't know how it was IRL but in my head it looks funny.

    On a more serious note, I agree with you!

  2. Thanks, Stacy! At the time it was SO uncomfortable, but looking back, it was kinda funny.


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