Saturday, August 13, 2011


There are things in life you can't change.  The family and circumstances of your birth are at the very top of that list.  Somethings that happen to you aren't your fault, but there is a point at which you must, for your own sanity and spiritual health, take compassionate responsibility for your choices.

I am not saying that everything is your fault, because the reality is, it's not.  You make decisions, based on the circumstances you find yourself in.  Circumstance constrains choice, but it is your responsibility to acknowledge your errors in judgement, your thoughtless choices and your counterproductive reactions.  These are the things you must take responsibility for.  These are the behaviors and circumstances you can control.  By owning those, you open the door to self forgiveness and learning.

Responsibility for yourself means accepting that you make decisions based on circumstance.  It does not mean you accept responsibility for everything that happens.  That is both egotisitcal and unrealistic.  Being honest with yourself, responsible for your choices, and accepting of the limited nature of the scope of your responsibility can help you come to grips with your past, make better choices in the future and promote your overall happiness.

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