Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Learning, growing, changing

Some people get to a point in their lives where they begin to resist learning new things.  They dig in their heels and try to stand still as the world swirls around them.  It's actually rather a big fear of mine.  I am afraid of stagnating.

This fear, that I will admit has a bit of an irrational edge to it, is probably a reaction to certain people in my life.  Some who no longer have the capacity to learn new skills, others who choose to stop growing and changing.  I get interested in new ideas all the time. I research new hobbies and crafts incessantly- currently digital animation has caught my eye, before it was stained glass- and I like to learn new stuff so much that i would be a perpetual college student, if only I could afford it.

When we refuse to learn, to explore, to be curious, we start to truly age.  Our brains stop functioning as well, our lives become dull and our relationships suffer.  Of course being to flighty and unfocused takes it's toll as well.  Balance is key here, as it is in most other parts of our lives, but adaptation and application of experience help us reach our fullest potential as human beings.

When you feel life is stagnant and musty, try learning something new. It might open doors for you that you had not previously imagined.  If nothing else, it'll get the grey matter in your skull a bit of exercise.  Either way, it can't hurt.

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