Thursday, August 18, 2011

Even my higher self is a smart ass

There are things I fully accept as part of who I am.  Being a smart ass is at the top of the list.  It adds spice to life, and a great deal of humor.  It functions as a less hostile defense mechanism, allows me to speak my mind and sums up situations as I see them.  As long as I don't get carried away with it, I think I'm good. I have even come to understand that my spirit guides and my subconscious are smart asses too.  Of course that makes sense, the best way to communicate with a wise guy is by speaking their language.  This little piece of me is part of my shadow self.  It is not the most pleasant part of me, it's not the most healthy, but it is there.  No good comes from denying it.

So, pick something you actually like about yourself, something that can be viewed as a negative by others, and embrace it, celebrate it, enjoy it.  It's the first step towards embracing your shadow self, those elements of your personality that can be hard to face.  They are part of you; they require attention, and they are valid pieces of you.  If you ignore them, they fester, slipping out at inappropriate times like a zit before prom. Once you have embraced some of the less nasty, shadow parts of you, you can move on to other aspects.  It takes time to look in the mirror (even a metaphoric one) and look yourself in the eye and see what is really there.  Accept the shadows and the brightness will be that much more beautiful.

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