Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ebb and flow- Mercury retrograde frustrations

I have spent much of the summer feeling like my life was stuck in neutral and waiting for the lights to change.  Most of our summer plans were arranged in some fashion around this trip.  Somethings had to be done early, so they were completed before we left, other things pushed back.  Most of our "free" money had to go towards this trip.  Other decisions were on hold until we got back.  It's not a sensation I appreciate.  Now that we're home again, life is insanely busy on one hand and frustratingly in reverse on the other.

Mercury has gone into retrograde motion, bringing the past back into the light.  Many people are feeling the effects as things feel like they are going backwards, and my household is no exception.  Old hurts, mistakes and problems have resurfaced, giving us the opportunity to re-examine them, if we are brave enough to do so.  Past patterns are more clear right now, giving us a chance to understand them and change.  As frustrating as Mercury retrograde is, it can be a way to create change.

As fortunes and activity ebb and flow in our lives, we can struggle against the motion, or we can use it to save our energy, regroup and survey our options.  We have choices, even when it feels like we don't- sometimes those choices are unattractive, but hey are there.  So, take advantage of Mercury's influence and look around.  Where do you see cycles repeating?  Which cycles do you need to break free of?  Where do you want to go from here?  What changes can you create in your life?  Answer these questions and you'll have a plan for moving forward.

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