Friday, August 26, 2011

Celebrate! Mercury is leaving retrograde.

If you have been frustrated for the last few weeks by a lack of progress, low energy and recurrent themes, then you have been experiencing the joys of Mercury in retrograde motion. I am terribly prone to the effects of Mercury Retrograde, so the end of this several times yearly annoyance is cause to celebrate.  I'm shaking off my doldrums, soaking in progressive energy and making plans.  I am also taking a moment to praise Mercury and his many godly talents.

  Mercury (or Hermes), the youthful trickster god, the rustler of cattle and psychopomp guide of the dead and of travelers, is a powerful god.  He reveals, unveils, and challenges our assumptions.  He never lies, but he is under no obligation to tell all the truth at one time.  Remember this or suffer for your foolishness.  He expects us to ask questions, to never blindly follow and he requires that we regularly visit past behaviors and events in order that we move forward.  Mercury travels swiftly on winged sandals, making mischief, delivering messages and laughing.  He is not a dour, stern godhead; his way is full of laughter, and he does not tolerate excessive pride or authority.  If your hubris is overbearing, expect that he will trip you up, and laugh about it, for your own edification.

Laughter and mischief have a place in our spiritual development, just as these traits are also powerful tools against tyranny and stupidity.  The next time you are walking, riding or driving on a roadway, take a moment to honor Mercury/Hermes.  Ask for his blessings with humility and honesty.  Remember his method is full of humor and creativity, and heed his lessons well. The past affects the present, the present effects the future.  Truth depends on where you stand and how you phrase it, and pride does go before the fall.  Action dispels fear, and laughter is good medicine for many ills.

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